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Weston Personal Injury AttorneyThe law offices of Car accident lawyer consist of practicing personal injury attorneys with understanding of legal settlements and litigation in the state of Florida. Included in our many particular state laws in Florida, are the civil statutes that dictate personal injury cases must be brought against individuals, not insurance companies. You will need savvy representation to advocate for your personal injury claim.

Florida has a statute of limitations concerning a claimant’s window of opportunity for filing a lawsuit. Personal injury claims may be caused by a variety of unfortunate events and accidents including but not limited to: premises liability and dangerous conditions, aggressive animals, elevator malfunctions, motorcycle and vehicular accidents, birth injuries and wrongful death. Please don’t put off consulting with a Weston personal injury attorney to ascertain if you have a personal injury claim.

At the offices of Car accident lawyer we have premises liability lawyers available to provide legal counsel to and represent victims of fall, slip and fall, and other types of premises liability cases. Building owners and operators must obey Florida state law to maintain safe premises. If you are the victim of an accident involving a fall, slip and fall, or any kind of premises liability incident you can help your claim by remembering to take photos.

After evaluating your injuries and making sure you are in a secure location, use your cellphone camera to document the scene of the accident. Photo documentation from the scene of the accident as well as photo documentation of your injuries will assist your slip and fall lawyer in better managing your case. If you have been bitten or injured by a dog, the dog’s owner may be held liable for damages.

In Florida, the dog’s owner is generally regarded as being strictly liable. Due to this designation, there is no requirement to prove that the dog’s owner was negligent. The only relevant issues are whether or not the dog bit you and who possesses ownership of the dog.

If you were legally on the property where you suffered dog bite or related injuries, you have the legal mandate to file a claim. Please call the law offices of Car accident lawyer to discuss your specific circumstances. Failures of equipment design and lack of proper maintenance of equipment such as elevator and escalator machines can confer liability onto both the manufacturers and owner/operators of such machines if an accident occurs.

Strict regulations are in place regarding the maintenance of elevators and escalators. This is due to the probability that a large number of persons will be using these machines on a regular basis. Depending on the specifics of the accident or equipment failure, a variety of parties may all be held liable in resulting personal injury claims.

Life changing injuries and emotional trauma may be experienced by victims of an elevator or escalator related accident. Please consult with an elevator accident lawyer to determine your array of options. After securing medical evaluation and treatment, the next and most crucial priority of a motorcycle accident case is establishing liability.

Establishing liability must be done immediately following a motorcycle accident. Frequently, we are initially contacted by a family member or friend of a motorcycle accident victim. Because of the often catastrophic and devastating nature of motorcycle accident injuries, victims are often unable to contact our firm themselves.

Regardless of who contacts us on the victim’s behalf, we will commence our investigation immediately. Courses of actions such as contacting witnesses, compiling statements, scene investigations, and motorcycle and vehicle inspections are all critical to establishing liability. Motorcycle accident lawyers are experienced in proving the fault of the vehicle that caused the accident and advising motorcycle accident client about their options.

At Car accident lawyer we take representing motorists seriously. Please don’t pursue settlement with an insurance company without representation. Common tactics of insurance companies such as recording your statements can put you at a disadvantage; you should consult with an attorney prior to any recorded conversations with an insurance company representative.

We routinely work with insurance companies on our clients’ behalf. After you have sustained injuries, your body is undergoing trauma and your focus must be on your health and recovery. When you call the Car accident lawyer office you will speak with an empathetic car accident lawyer.

Losing a family member in a fatal accident is an overwhelming and tragic experience. Unfortunately for those left behind, resolution of such claims for insurance companies is just business. Surviving family members will need the guidance and counsel of a savvy wrongful death lawyer immediately.

Because of the devastating emotional repercussions of wrongful death cases there is an unequal balance of power between claimants and insurance companies. Victims’ families are often distracted by coping with their loss. You need an attorney to oversee your case and the resulting investigation of the accident.

Once someone is deceased in the state of Florida, an estate must be set-up. The wrongful death claim will be included as a segment of the deceased’s estate. There is no time to lose as the time limit for filing wrongful death claims is more restrictive than for other kinds of personal injury lawsuits in Florida.

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