Premises Liability Lawyer Weston

Florida’s Laws Provides Protections Against Unsafe Properties.

premises liability lawyer westonIf you have suffered an injury caused by unsafe conditions of a premise, building and/or sidewalk, please give our firm a call today to discuss your case. A Car accident lawyer premises liability lawyer in Weston will be able to determine which parties may be liable for your injuries and any related damages.

Medical bills can rapidly accumulate and all treatment needs to be correctly documented to support your claim. If you have been injured in a premises liability incident, you should retain legal counsel as soon as possible. There are many nuances to a premises liability case that need the attention of an attorney.

Property owners and operators must conform to the state of Florida’s laws that dictate that they maintain safe premises. These requirements includes the maintenance of the sidewalk in front of their property. Property owners and managers are required to maintain their premises to a standard that ensures safe conditions for anyone who might be present.

If potentially harmful conditions are present, a visible warning notice must be posted. If faulty property maintenance or absence of a proper warning notice has resulted in you suffering an injury, you will need the counsel of a premises liability lawyer in Weston. As the injured party in a premises liability case, you have the legal right to pursue a case and request recompense from the owner of the property, the operator of the property, or both.

Falling victim to dangerous property conditions, accidental slips on just washed floors in commercial buildings, or becoming the victim of a physical assault from employees or patrons at a business are all situations that necessitate the counsel of a premises liability lawyer in Weston. The laws addressing these kind of incidents can be confusing and an attorney will be able to give you vital information about how to pursue your case and protect your rights. State law places specific duties and requirements onto municipal governments, landlords, and store owners regarding their legal obligation to ensure their premises provide hazard-free sidewalks, walkways, and aisles.

These laws also extend to include potentially reckless or dangerous behavior of employees and/or customers. If you do become a victim of any of these situations, report it to the authorities immediately. If possible, collect the names and contact info of any witnesses present at the scene.

A premises liability lawyer in Weston is your resource for resolving your case and working to ensure that you receive the compensation that meets your needs. Please call the firm of Car accident lawyer today.

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