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At the law firm of Car accident lawyer we are team of attorneys and legal support staff who specialize in personal injury law in the state of Florida. We are proud to serve the Delray Beach community and offer no fee initial consultations. As practicing personal injury attorneys we have knowledge of the relevant settlement and litigation statutes in Florida.

Among our many special state law regulations in Florida regarding personal injury claims and cases are the municipal statutes that mandate that personal injury cases must be pursued against individuals and not insurance companies. Most victims of personal injury and wrongful death accidents will need the support of legal counsel. Please review your circumstances with a legal team as soon as possible.

In many types of persona injury cases, investigations must begin as promptly as possible to best support a victim’s case.State laws in Florida also outline statutes of limitations concerning a claimant’s period of time for filing a lawsuit and submitting claims. These statutes of limitations range from 2 years to 4 years depending on the category of the accident or misadventure.

Personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims can stem from a range of situations and events including but not restricted to: property liability and hazardous conditions including cracked or damaged sidewalks or broken stairs, vicious animals, elevator accidents, motorcycle and vehicular accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. Please don’t postpone in consulting with a Delray Beach personal injury attorney for more information that is relevant to your situation. Our premises liability attorneys advise victims of fall, slip and fall, and all manner of dangerous property conditions personal injury cases.

These types of cases can occur both on public or private properties. Premise liability incidents also extend to include any harmful behavior by store or building employees or patrons. Building owners, operators and agents are mandated by law to provide safe and secure premises for all who may be present. Victims of premises liability accidents will be wise to make use of their cellphone cameras for documenting the scene of their accident.

Seniors tend to be a high risk group for suffering from premises liability mishaps and injuries.Suffering a dog bite or related injury is nothing to brush off. Children are a highly at-risk group for suffering from dog bite attacks or related injuries.

If you, a child or another family member has been injured by a hostile or uncontrolled dog, the dog’s owner will be held as generally liable in the state of Florida. This means there is no burden of proof to show that the dog’s owner acted negligently or that the dog in question was known in the past to be violent. If you were on public property or legally occupying private property when you were bitten, then most likely you will have the right to pursue a personal injury claim.

We have a dog bite injury lawyer available to speak with you today.In the event of an elevator related accident or misadventure liability may be determined to include several parties such as equipment manufacturers, building owners and operators and their agents for elevator service and maintenance. Due to a high volume of public use, many elevators are frequently at risk for malfunction. We have elevator accident lawyers on staff to answer your questions and help manage your case.

When it comes to motorcycle accident cases, many times our motorcycle accident attorneys are initially contacted by a victim’s friends or family members. The frequently serious nature of motorcycle accident injuries renders many victims unable to secure legal counsel on their own. As soon as we are retained as counsel in such cases; we begin our investigation.

After appropriate medical intervention, the next and most important step in a motorcycle accident case is establishing who is at-fault. Car accidents cases can be extremely nuanced and a challenge in terms of securing at-fault determinations depending on the details of the accident. It is typical for victims to become overwhelmed by having to focus on health and recovery as well as pursuing their personal injury claim.

Our car accident lawyers strive to manage your claim comprehensively so that you may focus on your recovery. It is never wise to attempt negotiations with an insurance company without legal counsel. Insurance industry standard practices are designed in part to place claimants at a disadvantage. Please call our office today for more information.

One of life’s most challenging scenarios is losing a loved one in a wrongful death accident. Wrongful death can stem from a wide variety of circumstances and scenarios. Surviving family members will want to consult with a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible.

The 2 year statute of limitations applies in the state of Florida for filing wrongful death lawsuits and insurance claims. Please call the law offices of Car accident lawyer today.