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Deerfield Beach Personal Injury AttorneyThe law offices of Car accident lawyer are your support system whenever you require the counsel of attorneys with understanding of legal settlements and litigation within the state of Florida. We are proud to focus our practice in personal injury law and work as practicing Deerfield Beach personal injury attorneys. We provide all of our clients with personalized service and there is never a charge for an initial consultation.

Personal injury laws and related regulations in Florida are complex and have nuances that are specific to our great state. One such example is that our civil statutes dictate that personal injury cases may only be brought against individuals; thereby excluding insurance firms as possible defendants. It is frequently in a claimant’s benefit to secure legal representation when attempting to pursue a personal injury claim. Statute of limitations in Florida regarding a claimant’s time period of eligibility to register a claim concerning a personal injury claim generally require the oversight of counsel.

Depending on the nature of the claim, statute of limitations may be as short as two years or as long as four years.  A vast variety of accidents, unexpected conditions, and, or negligent or risky behavior can all be contributing factors in personal injury accidents. Elevator accidents, harmful animals, property liability and hazardous conditions, motorcycle and car accidents, and any number of circumstances that may lead to wrongful death are all grouped into the personal injury domain.

Please don’t delay in reviewing your case’s details with a legal team. At Car accident lawyer we have knowledgable attorneys on staff. If you’ve become a party to a premises liability case, we will connect you with a premise liability lawyer to resolve questions and devise a strategy regarding fall, slip and fall and various other types of premises liability cases. In Florida, all building owners and operators are legally mandated to conform to state laws and regulations dictating that they keep safe surroundings and premises at all times.

If you become a victim of any kind of property liability and you’re able as well as in a secure location, make use of the cellphone camera to photograph the scene of the accident. Photo documentation will assist your lawyer in accurately compiling evidence and handling your case. Dog bite and related injuries are far more common than most people realize.

In Florida, a canine’s owner is generally held as liable if their animal causes damage or harm to a person or property. As a result of this designation, the issue of prior negligence as a component for proving owner liability is not relevant. One of our dog bite injury attorneys will be able to offer victims additional information.

Vast quantities of people utilize elevators and escalators everyday. Unfortunately, and in spite of copious safety laws, accidents frequently occur. Bad equipment design and lax or infrequent maintenance of equipment such as elevator and escalator devices can lead to a determination of liability for the manufacturers and owner/operators of these machines if an accident transpires.

Please discuss your circumstances with an elevator accident lawyer to determine your legal options.  Because of the frequently devastating nature of motorcycle accident injuries, victims are often not able to begin a dialogue with legal advisors by themselves. Motorcycle accident attorneys at our firm are frequently called by a friend or relative of the victim.

Determining liability must happen as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident has occurred. Our team will begin our investigation of the accident immediately. Investigations often involve a number of endeavors such as contacting and interviewing witnesses, compiling statements and vehicle inspections.

The outcomes of such investigations are important in establishing liability. Generally speaking it is not prudent to attempt to settle an accident insurance claim with an insurance coverage company without appropriate counsel. Common tactics of insurance companies such as recording all conversations, interviews, and statements provided throughout the period of a claim investigation can harm your position and place you at a disadvantage.

These practices are standard in automobile accident instances. When victims have sustained injuries, their attention needs to be on their recovery. We strive to mitigate as much case and claims related stress for our clients as possible.

We want to support you in recovering and moving forward in your life. The loss of a family member in an accident is usually a sudden and tragic event. The often catastrophic psychological effect of wrongful death cases leads to an imbalance of power between claimants and insurance coverage firms.

Victim’s families will want to consult with a Deerfield Beach wrongful death and personal injury attorney. Time is an important factor because the calendar guidelines for submitting wrongful demise claims are shorter than for other categories of personal injury legal actions in Florida. At the law firm of Car accident lawyer, we value all of our clients and we look forward to working with you.