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dania beach Personal Injury AttorneyThe law offices of Car accident lawyer are your support source when you need attorneys with knowledge of legal settlements and litigation in the state of Florida. We specialize in the area of personal injury law and always prioritize managing all of our cases with client-focused service. Personal injury laws in Florida are complex and have nuances that are unique to our great state.

For instance, our civil statutes dictate that personal injury cases may only be brought against individuals; thereby excluding insurance companies as potential defendants. It is most often in a claimant’s benefit to secure legal representation for the management of personal injury claims. Statute of limitations in Florida regarding a claimant’s time period of eligibility to file a lawsuit concerning a personal injury accident require the counsel of a personal injury attorney in Dania Beach.

A variety of mishaps, unforeseen circumstances, and, or negligent or risky behavior can all be contributing factors in personal injury accidents. Elevator accidents, dangerous animals, premises liability and unsafe conditions, motorcycle and car accidents, and a variety of circumstances that may result in wrongful death all fall under the personal injury domain. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your case with a Dania Beach personal injury attorney to determine your possible courses of legal action.

At the offices of Car accident lawyer we have a diverse array of attorneys on staff. If you have been involved in a premises liability case, we can connect you with a premise liability lawyer to answer your questions and present options regarding fall, slip and fall, and other types of premises liability cases. In Florida, all building owners and operators are legally required to conform to state laws dictating that they maintain safe environments and premises.

If you become involved in a mishap or accident involving a fall, slip and fall, or any kind of premises liability incident it is crucial to stay calm. If you are able and in a secure location, use your cellphone camera to photograph the scene of your accident. Photo documentation will assist your slip and fall lawyer in accurately compiling the details of your case and managing your case. Dog bite injuries are common throughout the United States.

In Florida, a canine’s owner is generally held as strictly liable if their animal causes harm or damage to a person or property. Due to this designation, the issue of prior negligence on the part of the dog’s owner is not necessary to prove. Relevant issues concerning dog bite injury cases are focused on establishment of the dog’s ownership. One of our dog bite injury attorneys will be happy to provide you with more info.

Millions of people ride in elevators and on escalators everyday. Unfortunately and in spite of strenuous safety regulations, accidents do occur. Poor equipment design and lax or infrequent maintenance of equipment such as elevator and escalator machines can result in a determination of liability for both the manufacturers and owner/operators of such machines if an accident transpires.

Please discuss your circumstances with an elevator accident lawyer to determine your legal options. Due to the frequently devastating nature of motorcycle accident injuries, victims are often unable to initiate contact with legal advisors on their own. Motorcycle accident lawyers at our firm are often first contacted by a friend or family member of the victim.

Regardless of who is our first point of contact in a motorcycle accident case, we will begin our accident investigation immediately. Once medical treatment has been administered and the medical evaluation process has begun, the next and most crucial aspect on the to-do list is establishing liability. Establishing liability must occur as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident has occurred. Investigations often involve a variety of endeavors such as contacting and interviewing witnesses, compiling statements, and vehicle inspections. The results of such investigations are critical in establishing liability.

It is usually not prudent to attempt to settle an accident insurance claim with an insurance company without legal counsel. Common tactics of insurance companies such as recording all conversations, interviews, and statements given during the course of a claim investigation can hurt your case and put you at a disadvantage. These practices are standard in car accident cases.

When victim’s have suffered injuries, their attention needs to be on recovery. When you contact our firm to discuss your case, you will be speaking with a sympathetic car accident lawyer. The death of a family member in an accident is often a sudden and tragic experience.

For those left behind, adding to the pain of coping with the loss is the ugly reality of resolving wrongful death insurance claims. The often catastrophic emotional effect of wrongful death cases results in an imbalance of power between claimants and insurance companies. Victim’s families will need to consult with a wrongful death lawyer.

Time is of the utmost importance as the calendar guidelines for filing wrongful death claims are more condensed than for other varieties of personal injury lawsuits in Florida. Please contact the law firm of Car accident lawyer today. We value all of our clients and we look forward to working with you.