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birth injuries lawyer boca ratonIn addition to the voluntary Hippocratic Oath that most medical students and other healthcare providers take to pledge that they will practice medicine honestly and treat all patients to the best of their ability, etc; there is a legal requirement as well.

Medical professionals and hospitals are legally required to provide highly skilled care to all patients admitted to their care and facilities. Perhaps most importantly, this standard of care extends to newborn patients as well. Unfortunately, sometimes negligent medical treatment or risky actions taken by medical providers result in newborn birth injuries.

If you are in need of a birth injuries lawyer in Boca Raton, the associates at the firm of Car accident lawyer are here to help. If you are the parent of the newborn who was harmed during the birth process, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the medical providers and facility whose negligent or risky actions caused injury to your child.

Often infants who are injured at birth are beset with disabilities that will require extensive, sometimes lifelong medical care. You need the counsel of an experienced attorney who can help devise the best course of action to ensure your child’s future. Injuries resulting from childbirth accidents can be varied. While obstetricians undergo extensive training in facilitating the birth of babies, accidents and reckless behavior do sometimes occur.

Complications or unique birthing situations can catch a doctor off guard and unprepared, no matter how much training or experience they may have. The list of potential negligent acts that can cause birth injuries is extensive and includes: delay in delivery or delivering a child too quickly, overlooking or failing to recognize complications during labor, and improper use of forceps or vacuum extraction, among others.

The delivery room can be a hectic place and many times parents are not aware of when and how these kinds of delivery complications and accidents occurred. If you suspect medical malpractice or reckless or negligent behavior during your child’s delivery, a birth injuries lawyer in Boca Raton can begin the investigation you need to determine what happened and who is at fault.

If your infant is suffering from cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injury, bone fracture, or spinal cord damage there could have been negligent or risky behavior by a medical professional that caused the injury and subsequent condition. Please contact one of our birth defect lawyers in Boca Raton today for your free consultation.

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